About the Process Automation Platform (PAP)

The AgileKip Process Automation Platform is an Open Source project devoted to facilitate Process/Workflow Automation initiatives based on code generation techniques. The platform was built by developers and researchers for developers, professors and researchers willing to disseminate and build Process Aware Information Systems based on known technologies such as BPMN, Java and Javascript.

The AgileKip platform is based on three main components: the Process-Aware Application Scaffolding Tool (PAAST), the Reference Architecture (RA) and an Agile-based Software Process (SCRUB4PA).

  • The Process-Aware Application Scaffolding Tool (PAAST) is built on top of JHipster, a solid and well-known application generator for web applications. PAAST generates code for the base Reference Architecture.
  • The Reference Architecture (RA) seamlessly integrates features from the Camunda Workflow Engine, SpringBoot and VueJS to support creating mission-critical and customizable process aware systems.
  • The Agile-based Software Process (SCRUB4PA) is a didactical outline with the activities, tasks, documents and templates required to develop process aware information systems using our technology.
Platform Rationale
Fig 1. AKip Platform Rationale.

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